History repeats itself

uncertainty After so many atrocities that happened over and over, I always wonder why history repeats itself.  Is it lack of knowledge about historic facts? Is it simple ignorance? Or is it indifference? The last one gives me some shivers. People thought that events of genocide that occurred during World War II will never happen again. Unfortunately genocide is still present all around the world. Does it mean we didn’t learn anything from the past horrific events and millions of innocent people died in vain?

Hitler built concentration camps where people died not for what they done, but for who they were. They were minorities: Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, Polish, homosexuals, basically those who where voiceless. Essentially they were the easy prey, because once you make them as a vigilante it is easier to ridicule, hate and what follows it… kill. While Hitler use gas chambers, Stalin chose famine and exhausting work, where people in order not to participate in horrific job tasks  would rather chop off their own hands.

I wonder, If people remember those crimes. How is it possible that ethnic cleansing is still happening around the world? I can’t comprehend that. It is so overwhelming. Will it ever stop? When comes the time where someone’s opinion, religious point of view or ambition would mean less than someones well being.

When we pull away a layer of religion, opinions or political views we can finally find pure humanity.

If anyone is interested in the topic of genocide, I would recommend them two books, both winners of Pulitzer prize: Samantha Power: A problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, Anna Applebaum: Gulag.




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