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Affirmation versus Empathy

I strongly believe, there is lack of empathy nowadays. It just evaporated from the air we all breath in, I guess that is my sense of it. How can we justify horrible events that happen on a daily basis?

People are so involved in the social media world, where they feed their ego. It got to the point that they created this artificial world, where the need of affirmation is constantly fed either by acknowledging their new pictures by others,  or new achievements. If they lack in any specific areas they will find other ways to find a praise from others. I don’t understand this constant self-attention.

So what does it happen next? Where do we go from now? Do we get entangled in our business so bad, that all we care is “hit the like button”.

Is there anyone who wants to be invisible? I believe there are many of them, who are invisible but not by choice. They need your empathy, not your pity. They don’t come forward, they stay behind those loud ones. They don’t feel that they need affirmation, because at some point in their life someone shattered their self-esteem.

Let’s look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what do we have more of in our hearts. Is  it self-affirmation or empathy?


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