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Underlayer of Customer Relationship Management

genderWhen it comes to CRM- Customer Relationship Management it is crucial to consider one of the significant factors such as GENDER GAP.

It is simple. It is biology. It’s not about which gender is more prompt to buying certain products. It is about, why certain gender is predisposed to certain purchasing behavior. If we look more closely from the scientific point of view, we might be able to find the right key to a successful marketing strategy and what follows it-a nice profit.

According to the recent study about sex differences, published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there is more to the gender gap than we thought. The conclusion unravels the simple truth, the decisions we make are based on our brain’s structural connectivity. Female’s brain allows women to be significantly better than men, when it comes to intuition, reasoning and memorizing. Male’s brain allows men to be better in spatial perception and action.

We should draw here a simple conclusion. Male and female complement each other. This one particular piece of information is a key to a successful CRM. Whenever a company considers to start a new product line, they need to remember that the new ideal product might have some element that will attract female and some that will attract male. The trick is how to embed the comprehensiveness into individual predisposition.


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