First Amendment-Protection for Bloggers


According to Reuters, on January 17th the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that bloggers are protected by the First Amendment in the same manner as traditional journalists. It is a supreme victory for the growing community of bloggers, who are many times undermined and undervalued.

The free speech allows to express opinions and share knowledge without a fear of retaliation from others who might not agree or approve of certain outlook.

The court’s ruling carries significant importance in times where online blogging has become a common practice. Bloggers undertake the spectrum of many crucial issues, they let others to share their opinions and enable comprehensive dialogue.

For some people blogging is the way of expressing their own opinions, for others it is the only outlet. Here they can share their knowledge and passion for what they care for in life. For many others it is a window of opportunity to become visible to millions, specially in this world where individuality is being squished by mass media.

Internet gives everyone an equal chance to become noticed, validated, recognized. Nowadays recognition comes with the hard work, so why not ease this difficult process by protecting bloggers’ efforts. The online world enables everyone a chance of recognition; something that every human being craves for.


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