Could you handle that?

Well,  it has started….The Holiday season rush. It’s seems we can never slow down even during regular, mundane days but the Special days provide us with that extra adrenaline kick and agitation keeps us on the edge. I observe every season the same routine that we go through. We do all those things so we can celebrate and embrace each other as a family and friends. I wish that was the case. Normally Thanksgiving or Christmas time is a time of acute realization how disconnected we are not only from our own friends or family members but from the fellows that we encounter on a daily basis at the store, post office or at the park.

We stopped celebrating, we just go through motions. We hunger for understanding, love, compassion or in other words simple validation of our existence. Unfortunately we forgot or maybe we never even understood how to find the the true core of each Holiday that we spent on so much energy every time. We can be understanding and inviting to a family member but we fume with anger at the clerk at the grocery store or gas station.

Equilibrium exists only in the text books. We all yearn to achieve that sweet state of mind, where everything makes sense and everyone connects with us as we please.

I remember when I was a child, I spent most of time playing around at the playground with my friends. We laughed, we argued, we enjoyed our company, but most of  all we learned what it meant to have a deep connection and a sense of belonging.  Nowadays I see children carrying around their parent’s smart phones watching cartoons or videos while their family is running daily errands. How will they identify their own place in this world among others when from their early age they are taught to ignore others and their surroundings.

I wonder how would you celebrate your Holidays without all the bells and whistles. No fancy dinner, no candies, no gifts, but a meaningful conversation, a real connection, a nice gesture, meaningful smile. Could you handle that?


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