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Management conflict comprehension

Being able to perceive the world through the eyes of others would open the door to complete understanding. To see what others see, would be a different angle to our perception. This is how frustration is conceived; unwillingness to even make an attempt to reach out and extend metaphorical olive branch by listening to others. It’s so convenient to walk away, to shut down the possibility to any form of communication. As a result one party feels defeated and undermined, the other feels like they reached their final mark. At the end we have an unresolved issue, diminished morale, and squandered opportunity.

Collaboration in its own definition involves two parties to come together in order to resolve undergoing problem. You cannot overwhelm employee with your own preconceived ideas. You need to draw specific road map, where in case of unexpected event employee feels empowered to used their best judgement and at the same time fulfill the given task within acceptable boundaries. Do not restrain their abilities and freedom to express their own concepts. Empower them more with your knowledge than with your directives. Always be open to receive their input, especially at times when you think there’s no room for incorporating anything else.

Think about times and people who created unbelievable things, but during their projects they were undermined and ridiculed. Always welcome new ideas, don’t settle for basics, and don’t tell yourself certain tactics are not negotiable. Be prepare to grow with your staff, to develop new skills and to enter uncharted territories.


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Attractive CEO equals better performance on the market

Andrew Ross Sorkin crafted interesting article in the New York Times based on the study performed by the two scholars: Joseph T. Halford and Hung-Chia Hsu. The findings are astonishing. Who would even take under consideration attractiveness of the CEO  as one of the indicators to drive up the company’s profits?

Well, it seems numbers don’t lie. Scientists used face’s features to determine the beauty of the person.  The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer score was pretty close to Angelina Jolie’s.

Appearance generally shouldn’t matter, since we cannot alter our looks unless we undergo plastic surgery. Anyways. My point is that many people try to deny the fact that their appearance enabled them to achieve certain goals in life. They say If you work enough, study enough, and embrace the philosophy of perseverance and integrity your looks don’t really play significant role in life.

Well… Somehow world plays by a different kind of rules. Attractive people are better in negotiating, selling, in getting others attention. It is our human nature, that tempts us to trust more people who are  pretty. Maybe because people think of them as winners already.

I believe in balance. The inner beauty enables to embrace the outside beauty properly with respect and responsibility. Beautiful people have advantage that’s undeniable, I just hope that their attractiveness doesn’t overshadow what’s really important in life.

On the other hand Beauty has so many angles, for some it is about the geometry of the face, for others it is about that sparkle in someone’s eyes.   catEyes

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