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Underlayer of Customer Relationship Management

genderWhen it comes to CRM- Customer Relationship Management it is crucial to consider one of the significant factors such as GENDER GAP.

It is simple. It is biology. It’s not about which gender is more prompt to buying certain products. It is about, why certain gender is predisposed to certain purchasing behavior. If we look more closely from the scientific point of view, we might be able to find the right key to a successful marketing strategy and what follows it-a nice profit.

According to the recent study about sex differences, published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there is more to the gender gap than we thought. The conclusion unravels the simple truth, the decisions we make are based on our brain’s structural connectivity. Female’s brain allows women to be significantly better than men, when it comes to intuition, reasoning and memorizing. Male’s brain allows men to be better in spatial perception and action.

We should draw here a simple conclusion. Male and female complement each other. This one particular piece of information is a key to a successful CRM. Whenever a company considers to start a new product line, they need to remember that the new ideal product might have some element that will attract female and some that will attract male. The trick is how to embed the comprehensiveness into individual predisposition.


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cell phone-arising star of e-marketing

Every business iscellphone constantly brainstorming for a new ways to reach out  the new customer. There are many ways of advertising. Each marketing method requires different approach to capture attention of the individuals.  We can find advertisement in papers, on TV, street billboards, buses, cars etc.. Interestingly, the power of internet has allowed marketing to settle in very comfortably, considering that the cost of online advertisements is relatively cheaper than TV option.

What’s even more important, it is the fact that internet activity has become almost everyone’s daily routine. Entrepreneurs has started to realize that potential customers spend more time online, looking for products or services. The interesting part of it is that the most common tool to access internet is cell phone, which seems to never leave the side of his/her owner.

When we watch movie or show on TV and commercial appears after 10 minutes of the show duration, the first thing we usually do is to get up to grab something to eat or to check the cell phone!

Cell phones abilities has expanded exponentially in such a short time. Businesses have to realize that maybe old fashion and expensive marketing methods can be easily replaced with more creative online ads, that thanks to the new generation cellphones can be reached anywhere and anytime.

Something to think about specially during holiday season, which generates the greatest sales profits.

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Individual buyer vs. Investor

housingAccording to many reports housing market has been on a road to recovery since the catastrophic recession took place. That should put a smile on a face of any house owner since the value of their property finally reached the expected value. A good reason to boast and be proud again to be a home owner, but what about those who would like to grasp a dream of owning a house in a tangible way. To resolve this issue we need to digest a housing market.

We need to look who has a better leverage when it comes to buying property. It all boils down to the affordability. According to LA Times people who would like to purchase a house in the state of California would have to earn $89,170 annually, considering that their budget to spend would be around $433,940, which is the median price of the house on the current local market.

On the other hand, the areas of urban L.A.  are booming with private investors who are not shy to spend money on the new developments on a lucrative soil. LA Times reports that young crowd is the potential target on the investors agenda, who believe that they are willing to sacrifice outdoor space or so called backyards to have convenience of accessibility to nearest cafes, stores etc.

At the end of the day individual buyer is left with the choice of buying cheaper fixer upper or compromise on the space and go for the pricey trendy condo.  The pool of money available for investors is much deeper though, so the variety of choices are not burden on the major factors such as financing or credit score.


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November 8, 2013 · 8:53 am