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Short story part 2

There is this old saying, “if I knew I would fall I would have sat down to prevent the fall”. In the real life we try not to expect the worst, we think,  as long as we follow the rules others around us with comply as well. Unfortunately there is always at least one disrupter in every community. Carol relished in her new role of the meddler, it provided her with the extra kick that most people get from their daily coffee cup.

At first nothing seem out of the ordinary, Carol knew how to play her low key role. Until things have started to fall apart little by little with no real explanation. Jennifer started to have that eerie feeling about the latest events. She would occasionally leave her computer logged on while tending to a situation that needed to be handled with elaborated efforts and expertise, and when she would come back to her computer the screen would be on a different page than she was previously looking at. First she dismissed that as her overlooking stuff but then there was that nagging feeling that she couldn’t shake off, nevertheless she could not put a finger on it.

Jennifer’s boss, Richard was a typical narcissist who diligently tried to cover this main trait of his character behind general slogans that he fed his employees every meeting. They say actions speak louder than words, well in his case actions or I should say results he delivered were screaming incompetence and possible corruption.

One day Richard came unannounced to Jennifer’s school. It was a breezy morning but the air felt so good since it was raining previous night. His condescending look was conspicuously hidden under the fake smile. He came to Jenny’s office and closed the door behind himself, ominous gesture when delivering unpleasant news. He told there was many serious concerns regarding her conduct. Allegations of her providing unauthorized discounts or waving fees to many families seemed like a ridiculous and at the same time a serious punch right in the gut.

She took her breath and felt that the room was getting smaller and smaller. Finally she composed herself after the initial shock and disbelieve. She tried to explain that in her two decade long service in childcare business she was never accused of such a serious charges. Her innocent eyes, her good heart  could not comprehend how she could find herself in this debacle. Richard’s accusatory tone was an indicator that the written warning would be put in place along with the open investigation.

When he left she was crushed, felt betrayed but couldn’t point a finger on it. She looked around and she spotted Carol’s smirky smile chatting away with Richard, now she knew who was behind it, but how could she prove it.



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short story part 1

The most robust and vivid environment, full of ambivalent feelings at the same time, where laughter and cry are essential elements of its landscape. To control any volatile setting you need a steady and calm leadership, with a caring and subtle touch to it. Now, think about child care center, and try to picture the hectic mornings and challenging at times transition for all parties involved. The lives of the most vulnerable are at hands of few teachers and their director.

Jennifer as a center director never thought of her job in those criteria’s.  She considered her staff and children part of her family. Once you set up that kind of boundaries you know that it has to be built on the mutual trust and respect. How little she knew that soon she would find herself in a rabbit hole, and everything that she believed would bring her to her knees.

Let me introduce you to Jennifer. She was selfless, no confrontational, dedicated to her job, which has always been her passion. She used to say that she was fortunate to work in the profession where she could make a difference in child’s life. Upon early realization of her natural instinct to deescalate conflict, rationalize with a 2 year old and negotiate where communications skills are limited to vicious bites and kicks. I can’t tell you how many times she was called by teachers to intervene in daily incidents of anger outburst, but every time she managed to utilize her innate abilities to neutralize hostile environment and reason with frustrated children.

Jennifer never took pride in her daily interventions she simply considered it natural steps that needed to be taken when necessary. She was perceived as someone with the inside knowledge that even on observing her it would be almost impossible to mimic.

There are two groups of people. One, that admires others for their accomplishments and aspire to become like them by reaching out and learning necessary skills, and the other set of people, who once exposed to someone who is better than them, will do everything in their power to diminish their efforts and make themselves as glorified winners at any price, even if it means putting their own integrity on the line.

Carol definitely belong to the latter, and if you would ask her  which group she identifies herself with she wouldn’t try to fool you who she is what she stands for. Her recent transfer from the sister school was a part of premeditated plan.

Every life coach expert would say it’s imperative to the balance of your life to have a 1 year plan, two year plan and 5 year plan. Carol was following those guidelines with the impeccable scrutiny. The first year was to establish herself as an observer to recruit a perfect match in order to implement her perfect plan. What are the guidelines of finding a kin soul that will go along with your evil intent? Carol was an expert in this area. She knew that it had to be someone that she could easily control but also give them some important role so they can feel empowered.

Coleen was an ideal candidate. Her life so far had no goal on the horizon, her immediate trouble was how to get by on the daily basis with her on and off boyfriend who could barely hold a stable job, and on top of that she had to take care of her toddler twins. At times desperate, Coleen would rely on government programs to survive and invoke pity on her boss to provide her with more attractive discounts for the childcare.  Nevertheless she exhibit many talents, unfortunately not finding the right mentor as she thought. She had preconceived ideas of her idyllic path to success but the opportunity was not there, at least not the one she was looking for. Until, one day she met Carol, the new assistant director. The instant connection was refreshing and reaffirming her longing for a partner in crime.



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