Recognition under one condition

loudWhen you turn on TV or browse the internet, the first common theme is about recognition. Every business wants to be visible, every person craves validation. The question remains as how we accomplish our recognition, which lately becomes for many as a perplexing endeavor.

We have to admit recognition becomes our daily chore. If you own a company, you want to attract as many customers as possible. If you want to become popular you have to make yourself visible. If you want to have friends you have to somehow find a common ground with others.

Let me explain something here. For some reasons nowadays, in order to achieve all those things mentioned above, you have to be LOUD, ENERGETIC, OUTGOING, CONFIDENT. In other words, there is no room for introverts anymore. Timid means weak.

And that makes me wonder. If everyone was an Alpha Person, people would never be able to get along, businesses wouldn’t be able to conduct their team efforts.

It is all about setting the right standards accordingly to each person. The advertisement world is full of loud commercials, where you can be the winner under certain conditions. You can be successful only if you are:

  •  confident
  • energetic
  •  fast
  • efficient
  • …..and of course lose weight

I believe everyone is talented, just not in the same manner. We can’t evaluate people based on their personalities. Timid people can contribute to the society as well.  Introverts are essential to bring balance into the world.

Don’t we crave for talented people with integrity. If we ask everyone to be certain way,  it means we ask some of them to pretend and be fake. Let’s not mold people accordingly to the current fashion.  Let everyone embrace their talents based on their abilities not the stereotypes. That way we let people utilize their whole potential, without changing who they really are.


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First Amendment-Protection for Bloggers


According to Reuters, on January 17th the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that bloggers are protected by the First Amendment in the same manner as traditional journalists. It is a supreme victory for the growing community of bloggers, who are many times undermined and undervalued.

The free speech allows to express opinions and share knowledge without a fear of retaliation from others who might not agree or approve of certain outlook.

The court’s ruling carries significant importance in times where online blogging has become a common practice. Bloggers undertake the spectrum of many crucial issues, they let others to share their opinions and enable comprehensive dialogue.

For some people blogging is the way of expressing their own opinions, for others it is the only outlet. Here they can share their knowledge and passion for what they care for in life. For many others it is a window of opportunity to become visible to millions, specially in this world where individuality is being squished by mass media.

Internet gives everyone an equal chance to become noticed, validated, recognized. Nowadays recognition comes with the hard work, so why not ease this difficult process by protecting bloggers’ efforts. The online world enables everyone a chance of recognition; something that every human being craves for.

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Attractive CEO equals better performance on the market

Andrew Ross Sorkin crafted interesting article in the New York Times based on the study performed by the two scholars: Joseph T. Halford and Hung-Chia Hsu. The findings are astonishing. Who would even take under consideration attractiveness of the CEO  as one of the indicators to drive up the company’s profits?

Well, it seems numbers don’t lie. Scientists used face’s features to determine the beauty of the person.  The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer score was pretty close to Angelina Jolie’s.

Appearance generally shouldn’t matter, since we cannot alter our looks unless we undergo plastic surgery. Anyways. My point is that many people try to deny the fact that their appearance enabled them to achieve certain goals in life. They say If you work enough, study enough, and embrace the philosophy of perseverance and integrity your looks don’t really play significant role in life.

Well… Somehow world plays by a different kind of rules. Attractive people are better in negotiating, selling, in getting others attention. It is our human nature, that tempts us to trust more people who are  pretty. Maybe because people think of them as winners already.

I believe in balance. The inner beauty enables to embrace the outside beauty properly with respect and responsibility. Beautiful people have advantage that’s undeniable, I just hope that their attractiveness doesn’t overshadow what’s really important in life.

On the other hand Beauty has so many angles, for some it is about the geometry of the face, for others it is about that sparkle in someone’s eyes.   catEyes

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Underlayer of Customer Relationship Management

genderWhen it comes to CRM- Customer Relationship Management it is crucial to consider one of the significant factors such as GENDER GAP.

It is simple. It is biology. It’s not about which gender is more prompt to buying certain products. It is about, why certain gender is predisposed to certain purchasing behavior. If we look more closely from the scientific point of view, we might be able to find the right key to a successful marketing strategy and what follows it-a nice profit.

According to the recent study about sex differences, published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, there is more to the gender gap than we thought. The conclusion unravels the simple truth, the decisions we make are based on our brain’s structural connectivity. Female’s brain allows women to be significantly better than men, when it comes to intuition, reasoning and memorizing. Male’s brain allows men to be better in spatial perception and action.

We should draw here a simple conclusion. Male and female complement each other. This one particular piece of information is a key to a successful CRM. Whenever a company considers to start a new product line, they need to remember that the new ideal product might have some element that will attract female and some that will attract male. The trick is how to embed the comprehensiveness into individual predisposition.

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Book vs. e-book

bookUnexpectedly, overwhelming wave of the internet took away from us the experience of the smell and crispy pages of the book. Yes, we can still go to the libraries or find some bookstore in a 20 mile radius, but nothing seems the same. What’s left is the sense of nostalgia.

We changed the way we read, research and write since the internet became so prevalent. Hours spent in the local libraries almost magically have been substituted with the click of the search button.

Cyberspace allows us to browse through the books that are not in print anymore. It would be difficult to track down some titles, but thanks to the internet our research appetites can be easily fulfilled.

Now we should be able to say internet saves us a lot of time. Although, the statement seems to holds some contradictory message. When we are physically holding a book, we are focused; when we research online, we usually have multiple windows open.

All I’m saying here is that multitasking is not for everyone. Some can greatly benefit from the accessibility of the books online, some would need different approach in research.

The skeptic in me believes that the less books we have on our bookshelves, the less of the true researchers we are. Some processes are irreversible. One day we might miss that bookstore and library atmosphere.


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cell phone-arising star of e-marketing

Every business iscellphone constantly brainstorming for a new ways to reach out  the new customer. There are many ways of advertising. Each marketing method requires different approach to capture attention of the individuals.  We can find advertisement in papers, on TV, street billboards, buses, cars etc.. Interestingly, the power of internet has allowed marketing to settle in very comfortably, considering that the cost of online advertisements is relatively cheaper than TV option.

What’s even more important, it is the fact that internet activity has become almost everyone’s daily routine. Entrepreneurs has started to realize that potential customers spend more time online, looking for products or services. The interesting part of it is that the most common tool to access internet is cell phone, which seems to never leave the side of his/her owner.

When we watch movie or show on TV and commercial appears after 10 minutes of the show duration, the first thing we usually do is to get up to grab something to eat or to check the cell phone!

Cell phones abilities has expanded exponentially in such a short time. Businesses have to realize that maybe old fashion and expensive marketing methods can be easily replaced with more creative online ads, that thanks to the new generation cellphones can be reached anywhere and anytime.

Something to think about specially during holiday season, which generates the greatest sales profits.

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Individual buyer vs. Investor

housingAccording to many reports housing market has been on a road to recovery since the catastrophic recession took place. That should put a smile on a face of any house owner since the value of their property finally reached the expected value. A good reason to boast and be proud again to be a home owner, but what about those who would like to grasp a dream of owning a house in a tangible way. To resolve this issue we need to digest a housing market.

We need to look who has a better leverage when it comes to buying property. It all boils down to the affordability. According to LA Times people who would like to purchase a house in the state of California would have to earn $89,170 annually, considering that their budget to spend would be around $433,940, which is the median price of the house on the current local market.

On the other hand, the areas of urban L.A.  are booming with private investors who are not shy to spend money on the new developments on a lucrative soil. LA Times reports that young crowd is the potential target on the investors agenda, who believe that they are willing to sacrifice outdoor space or so called backyards to have convenience of accessibility to nearest cafes, stores etc.

At the end of the day individual buyer is left with the choice of buying cheaper fixer upper or compromise on the space and go for the pricey trendy condo.  The pool of money available for investors is much deeper though, so the variety of choices are not burden on the major factors such as financing or credit score.


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November 8, 2013 · 8:53 am