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Unachievable Common Ground?

argumentHave you noticed the landscape of every political show, or any show for that matter? There are usually two people each representing their own spectrum of ideas and  so called unbiased arbiter to keep the flow of the conversation undisturbed.  Sometimes when I watch those shows I get the impression that none of the people who come to shed a light on their concepts display even a tiny bit of ability to lean in towards the opponents’ views.

The stubbornness comes from the conviction that what I think makes more sense and it will work. On the other hand, what the opponent suggests is ridiculous and it will only complicate the world as it is.

Whatever the topic is, the main characteristics of the fierce opponents are extravagance, pomposity, pretensions, and impunity. Their main object is to purge as many arguments as they can in a limited frame of time, and of course to utter the last word.

Is that how we want to solve any disputes or disagreements? Why not utilize all that energy into reasonable solution. The common ground is possible only when two parties are rational and ready for a healthy dialogue. The listening skills are very distinctive tools to find the resolution that will serve others.

How come hearing often replaces listening? We hear so many opinions, but have lost the ability to listen and reach out to those who are too timid to even whisper a word. In order to listen we have to embrace others idea, try to walk in their shoes for a day and be quiet for awhile.

Lets consider that maybe something important could pass us by in this loud world of opinions if we don’t embrace silence for a while. To let someone else than yourself be right for once is a sign of greatness.


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