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Management conflict comprehension

Being able to perceive the world through the eyes of others would open the door to complete understanding. To see what others see, would be a different angle to our perception. This is how frustration is conceived; unwillingness to even make an attempt to reach out and extend metaphorical olive branch by listening to others. It’s so convenient to walk away, to shut down the possibility to any form of communication. As a result one party feels defeated and undermined, the other feels like they reached their final mark. At the end we have an unresolved issue, diminished morale, and squandered opportunity.

Collaboration in its own definition involves two parties to come together in order to resolve undergoing problem. You cannot overwhelm employee with your own preconceived ideas. You need to draw specific road map, where in case of unexpected event employee feels empowered to used their best judgement and at the same time fulfill the given task within acceptable boundaries. Do not restrain their abilities and freedom to express their own concepts. Empower them more with your knowledge than with your directives. Always be open to receive their input, especially at times when you think there’s no room for incorporating anything else.

Think about times and people who created unbelievable things, but during their projects they were undermined and ridiculed. Always welcome new ideas, don’t settle for basics, and don’t tell yourself certain tactics are not negotiable. Be prepare to grow with your staff, to develop new skills and to enter uncharted territories.


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General Statement


General statements can be detrimental to both sides. It can decimate like a double-edged sword. Unfortunately we got accustomed to sharp statements with unsupported allegations. We are pleased with ourselves when we leave someone with no route to defend themselves. We feel like we are entitled to our opinions and we can express them in a way, shape or form regardless of the consequences.  Isn’t that what the Freedom stands for?

What if I’d stopped you in your tracks and said you need to slow down and digest every word before you utter it. Take your time. There are so many words that cannot be taken back, once you say it, it’s done and it cannot be undone and that’s the tragic path that you don’t want to find yourself on.

Freedom doesn’t allow you to say and do whatever is on your mind. John Paul the II once stated that your freedom ends where other’s Freedom begins. There are boundaries that cannot be shattered, rules that cannot be broken.

When you make general statements you take a risk of insulting, shaming or diminishing at least one person that belongs to the group that you’re making statement about. If you think you can justify your declaration despite the fact that the group in question had at least one innocent person that didn’t deserve the harsh critique, you’ve already become desensitized to the cruelty that occurs and surrounds us every day.

So why do we make general statements? Does it empower us, or does it expose our fears and weakness?

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